Teaching Students about Finances

“I wanted to teach my kids how to be financially responsible. I opened a checking with a debit card and transfer their weekly allowance into each account. They are responsible for tracking their money by using their smartphone. They pay for their own items, including clothes. It’s amazing the difference this has made. Now they watch for sales and are careful how they spend their money.”- Debbie L. Member

As a parent, you instill good moral guidance & financial stewardship in your children. Help your son or daughter toward a secure future by teaching financial responsibility. I’m pleased to introduce a great resource from our partner, America’s Christian Credit Union. They offer a Free Checking Account to students ages 13-17 with no minimum balance requirement or monthly service fees.

  • Free ATM/Debit Card

  • Free Mobile Banking

  • 30,000 free ATMs Nationwide (that’s more than big banks!)

  • Over 5,200 Satellite Branches

Plus, you can bank with someone that shares your Christian values! I encourage you to visit AmericasChristianCU.com or call them at 1-800-343-6328.

Bo Gutzwiller


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