The Scholarship Fund operates under the corporate umbrella of the FCS Educational Foundation Tax ID No. 46-3362513. 


The Scholarship Fund was established to assist enrolled families who face the dilemma of withdrawing their children from Foothill Christian School. For nearly 20 years, hundreds of beneficiaries have included those who lost jobs, who had homes foreclosed, who experienced death or illness of a family member, or who simply struggled with myriad challenges of single-parenting.  In previous years, the Annual Charity Golf Classic has provided the sole means for the Scholarship Fund.  With additional support from the Family Unity Foundation, America’s Christian Credit Union and the Olley Foundation, and others,  it will be possible to help more families with financial support when hard times strike. 


Your financial support of the Scholarship Fund can make a huge difference …one family at a time!


The Ethan Charles Nalbach Scholarship Fund


The Ethan Charles Nalbach Scholarship Fund, established in 2014, was created to honor the memory of preschooler, Ethan Charles Nalbach, who passed away very suddenly from a complicated health condition. In honoring the request of Ethan’s parents, George Nalbach and Jennifer Nalbach-Foote, the Ethan Scholarship Fund—which is managed by FCS Educational Foundation—exists to help other Foothill Christian School and Preschool families during times of unthinkable loss when urgent financial support is needed.